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13. Acknowledgements, feedback and dedication

This Mini-HOWTO has been largely derived from the Swap-Space Mini HOWTO by H. Peter Anvin. I have added the Windows 95/98 specific details as well as a few Red Hat Linux specific details. The msinfo program given in the original HOWTO didn't work on my Red Hat Linux 6 system, so I created a similar program. However, I have also included the original msinfo program. Thanks to all those great people involved with the development of Linux,to the people at Red Hat for giving a great Linux distribution and to Sanjiv Guha, one of the co-authors of "Red Hat Linux 6 Unleashed" from Techmedia for guidance about shell programming. Thanks also to Matt Welsh, Greg Hankins and Eric S. Raymond, the authors of SGML-Tool's Users Guide, which helped me in converting the document in SGML format. Thanks are also to Peter Norton and John Goodman for there venerable "Peter Norton's Inside the PC", which helped me about DOS file system structure. Finally, thanks to PC Quest Linux Project for bringing out Linux CDROMS frequently.

I rely on you, the readers, to make this HOWTO useful. If you have any suggestions, comments, corrections, requests, flames, etc., feel free to contact me. Right now, I have no internet access, but still you contact me in case of questions at my account (Hey! Don't blame me for using a Microsoft service. Hotmail was created by our Indian guy Sabeer Bhatia). May be someone from you local place may also come to your rescue.If you find my account unoperational and your problem is indeed important, you may mail me at .

Finally, I would like to dedicate this work to Robert Lafore, the author of excellent books "C programming using Turbo C++" and "Object Oriented Programming using Turbo C++".

Enjoy Linux,

Rahul :-)

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