Using Term to Pierce an Internet Firewall mini-HOWTO

Barak Pearlmutter

David C. Merrill

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Revision 1.1 2001-07-14 Revised by: dcm
Cleaned up a bit, reorganized a bit, converted to DocBook SGML and relicensed under GFDL.
Revision 1.0 1996-07-15 Revised by: pb
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This document explains how to use the term program to pierce a firewall from the inside, even without root privileges.

Term is an old program that almost no one uses anymore, because the 7-bit serial lines it is meant to cross are nowhere to be found anymore, and full IP ppp access is dirt cheap.


Archived Document Notice: This document has been archived by the LDP because it does not apply to modern Linux systems. It is no longer being actively maintained.

Table of Contents
1. Preface
1.1. Disclaimer
1.2. License
2. Introduction
3. The Basic Procedure
4. Detailed Directions
5. Multiple Term Sockets
6. The <˜/.term/termrc.telnet Init File
7. Direction
8. Security
9. Telnet Mode
10. Bugs and Term Wish List
11. Tricks That Do Not Seem to Work
12. Related Resources
13. Acknowledgments