Virtual Web mini-HOWTO

Dan Pancamo

Parag Mehta

David Merrill - Conversion from text to DocBook SGML.

Revision History
Revision 1.1 2001-06-03
New maintainer, converted to DocBook (SGML), Licensed under GFDL.
Revision 1.0 1995-11-24
Initial Release.

This HOWTO discuss the essentials of setting up a Virtual Web Site under Linux.

Table of Contents
1. License
2. What is a Virtual Web Site?
3. What Software and Software Patches Do I Need?
3.1. Linux Kernel
3.2. HTTP Servers
4. How Do I set it up?
4.1. Create the New Account
4.2. NCSA 1.5 or Apache Config Files
4.3. Configuring the interface
4.4. Registering with Internic
4.5. Configuring Named
4.5.1. Example /etc/named.boot
4.5.2. Example /etc/
4.5.3. Example /etc/
4.5.4. Restart named
4.6. Virtual Mail
4.6.1. Sendmail Configuration
4.7. Virtual FTP
5. Links to More Virtual Web Information