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4. WordPerfect 6.0 (Caldera)

Caldera sells both a WordPerfect and Motif Bundle ($130 US) and the Caldera Internet Office Suite ($219 US). Both include WordPerfect 6.0 for Linux.

Overall, WP 6.0 has been good to me. I have generated 20-30 large documents and numerous small ones, probably 1000+ pages if I printed them all out. The only problem that I have is that I use WP Times font under Linux and it is not compatible with the WP True Type Times font under Windows.

4.1 Impressions of 6.0

The author has been using WordPerfect for Linux on Caldera Network Desktop (CND) for the past year. The system is a P6/200, 64M RAM, SCSI, CND 1.0 with RiskyHack patches to the Linux 2.0.30 kernel, updated RPM, and many, many RPMS from Redhat and Caldera's WWW sites.

4.2 Getting WordPerfect 6.0

Visit Caldera's WWW site at

4.3 Installation of 6.0

Installation was easy. I just followed the directions provided....

I did have to add wp to my fvwm menu (I am using FVWM95 on CND 1.0 with lots of patches) and to looking glass's menus.

My platform is a P6/200, 64M RAM, Caldera CND 1.0, RiskyHacks to libc 5.4.4, kernel 2.0.30 (Joliet and FAT32 patches), dual SCSI, CD-R, etc. WP uses 74 MB of disk space.

4.4 Bugs in 6.0

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