6. Common Configurations

6.1. Linux to Linux

6.1.1. Stand-alone X Workstation

This has already been mentioned several times in this document, but in summary, it is a PC runing XDM, with a single entry in the Xservers file, relating to the localhost (ie the local machine)

6.1.2. X Terminal and Application Server

XDM runs on the application server :

  • Xserver : Contains no entries

  • Xaccess : Must permit the X terminal to connect

X terminal runs X using a direct query to the application server :

          /usr/X11R6/bin/X -query the.application.server

6.1.3. Group of Managed X Terminals

XDM runs on an application server :

  • Xserver : Lists each X terminal to be managed

  • Xaccess : Must permit each X terminal to connect

Each X terminal, just runs X, with suitable access control to permit XDM to connect to it.

          /usr/X11R6/bin/X -ac

6.2. Linux to Other Systems

It is possible to use a Linux X terminal to connect to another system running XDM. The same principles as above apply, but the specifics of configuring XDM (or its equivalent) will be specific to that system.

6.2.1. Linux and Solaris

You can run X on a Linux box, instructing it to query a Solaris machine as previously described :

          /usr/X11R6/bin/X -query the.solaris.server

Note that you may have to configure X on the Linux machine to use a font server from the Solaris box. I have not got this to work yet, as I don't have a Solaris box that I have any control over - but I am told that a font entry in /etc/XF86config similar to the following should work (I think - WARNING this is to be checked ...):


6.3. Other Systems to Linux

If you have an X server for your system, it should be able to connect to a Linux XDM application server.

6.3.1. Solaris and Linux

I assume that you would run XDM on the Linux box as usual, and instruct X on Solaris to query the Linux box - does anyone have any information on this ?

6.3.2. Windows and Linux

If you have an X server for windows that supports XDMCP queries, then it should be possible to configure it to query the Linux box. You should just run XDM on the Linux box as usual. Again - any specifics anyone ?