7. Resources

This section lists some resources that have been consulted in order to construct this document and which provide further details to the concepts described.

Many of the references listed below form part of the Linux Documentation Project (LDP) : http://www.linuxdoc.org/

The X Window System

  • X User Howto (from the LDP)

  • Running Remote X Applications Mini Howto (from the LDP)

  • Man pages : X (main concepts), Xserver (X server concepts)

  • X FAQ (on http://www.x.org/)

Thin-clients/X terminals

  • Thin-client Howto Document (from the LDP)

  • Linux Terminal Server Project : http://www.ltsp.org/

  • Diskless Howto Document (from the LDP)

  • X terminal pages : http://dns.solucorp.qc.ca/xterminals

  • Richard Kaszeta : Converting old PCs into Standalone X Terminals : http://www.menet.umn.edu/~kaszeta/unix/xterminal/


  • Man pages : xdm

  • XDMCP Howto Document (from the LDP)