3.4. Jade wrappers

These tools are optional and may be installed after Jade, the DSSSL, and DTD have been installed.

3.4.1. sgmltools-lite


This is the successor to the sgmltools project, which has been officially disbanded for over a year. Since then, Cees de Groot has created a slightly different project, which acts as a wrapper to the jade SGML processor. It hides much of the ugliness of the syntax. This author was able to install the old sgmltools package followed by the sgmltools-lite and could format this document quite easily. There's even a man page for sgmltools showing syntax.

3.4.2. Cygnus DocBook Tools

May be Red Hat specific - http://www.redhat.com/

Red Hat distributes three packages, starting with the 6.2 release, that include DocBook support and some tools. The tools are easily installed, allowing you to focus more on writing than wrestling with the tools. TeTex, Jade, and JadeTeX must be installed first. All three of these packages are available on the installation CD. Using the Cygnus Tools

These tools are provided with Red Hat 6.2. Make sure the following packages are installed:

  • sgml-common-0.1-8.noarch

  • docbook-3.1-4.noarch

  • stylesheets-1.54.13rh-1.noarch

Red Hat has the latest version on their web site: http://www.redhat.com/support/errata/RHBA-2000022-01.html.

Download/get/sneaker-net the RPMs to your machine and install in the usual manner (become root, then rpm -Uvh filename). Once the RPMs are installed, you can use the following commands to render DocBook:

bash$ db2html filename 

Renders DocBook into HTML. A subdirectory with the filename (minus the .sgml extension) is created and the HTML files are placed there.

bash$ db2pdf filename

Renders DocBook into a PDF file. Note that there is currently a problem with db2pdf, and pd2ps caused by JadeTeX. This has been registered as a bug with RedHat.