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Welcome to the Linux HomeBoy WebPage here in Nashville, Tennessee! Linux is the ultra-cool "copy-lefted" UN*X like operating system developed to run on a variety of x86-based PC's. It's the work of Linus Torvalds, et.al and is a freely available OS that can turn your DOS/Windows box into an impressive workstation capable of running TCP/IP, X Window, and hundreds of unix programs. It's a true multi-tasking, multi-user, network capable OS that's as comfortable running on your home PC as it is the networked systems in commercial, industrial, and academic settings.

Pretty cool, eh?

Since the early 1990's, Linux has developed into a formidable operating system that is both robust and stable. It's beauty is its ability to run on x86-based systems -- from the modest 386's to Pentiums (it's in the process of being ported to a variety of other platforms, so if you happen to have one of those high end DEC Alpha's at home, you'll soon be in luck :-) It will also peaceably coexist with a variety of other operating systems including DOS, OS/2, and Windows. This means you can easily run a variety of apps under their native OS. Linux will also let you access files directly from your DOS/Windows FAT partitions or read from your OS/2 HPFS partitions. There's ongoing work on DOSEMU, a DOS emulator, and WINE, a Windows emulator, that will let you run your DOS or Windows programs under Linux. These are both in the development stages, although DOSEMU, in particular, is maturing rapidly. There is also a commercial Macintosh emulator, Executor, for the Macophiles in the crowd!

Overall, you have to admit that this is a win-win situation! Your current OS remains intact, you can continue running your current apps (if you really must run "Brand X" OS we're not going to stop you... ;-), and you get a GREAT OS with the ability to run a boatload of software!

So... where to from here?

If you're interested in learning more about Linux check out Basic Linux. Once you've gotten Linux up and running, you might be interested in:

The Linux Gazette
Linux Library
Linux ToyBox.


HomeBoy Pages

Interested in Linux? This will tell you what it is, where to get a copy of it, what you'll need to get it set up, and where to find help in getting it going. Includes links to other helpful documents including the Linux Documentation Project (LDP) and the Linux Organization

This is an adjunct to Matt Welsh's excellent Linux Documentation Project home page. Looking for documentation for an individual program or trying to find major archive sites for TeX, LaTeX, XFree86, AUIS...? Try the Linux Library!

Congratulations! You've got Linux up and running and everything's looking pretty good... Well, now it's time to have some fun with it! The Linux Gazette is a collection of tips, tricks, Linux technotrivia, and sundries. Just plain fun reading!

Here's an unabashedly biased and admittedly slanted listing of my favorite Linux software. It includes descriptions, comments, and links to quickly ftp the software. Primarily, it's just the stuff I've found and like :-)

Hey! Got your own great ideas about Linux?

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