Chapter 3. Installation

Table of Contents
3.2. Step-by-step Install
3.2.1. Introduction
3.2.2. Installing the Prerequisites
3.2.3. Installing MySQL Database
3.2.4. Perl (5.004 or greater)
3.2.5. DBI Perl Module
3.2.6. Data::Dumper Perl Module
3.2.7. MySQL related Perl Module Collection
3.2.8. TimeDate Perl Module Collection
3.2.9. GD Perl Module (1.8.3)
3.2.10. Chart::Base Perl Module (0.99c)
3.2.11. DB_File Perl Module
3.2.12. HTTP Server
3.2.13. Installing the Bugzilla Files
3.2.14. Setting Up the MySQL Database
3.2.15. Tweaking localconfig
3.2.16. Setting Up Maintainers Manually (Optional)
3.2.17. The Whining Cron (Optional)
3.2.18. Bug Graphs (Optional)
3.2.19. Securing MySQL
3.3. Mac OS X Installation Notes
3.4. BSD Installation Notes
3.5. Installation General Notes
3.5.1. Modifying Your Running System
3.5.2. Upgrading From Previous Versions
3.5.3. .htaccess files and security
3.5.4. mod_throttle and Security
3.5.5. Preventing untrusted Bugzilla content from executing malicious Javascript code
3.5.6. UNIX Installation Instructions History
3.6. Win32 Installation Notes
3.6.1. Win32 Installation: Step-by-step
3.6.2. Additional Windows Tips
3.6.3. Bugzilla LDAP Integration

These installation instructions are presented assuming you are installing on a UNIX or completely POSIX-compliant system. If you are installing on Microsoft Windows or another oddball operating system, please consult the appropriate sections in this installation guide for notes on how to be successful.