D.4. The Quicksearch Utility

Quicksearch is a new, experimental feature of the 2.12 release. It consist of two Javascript files, "quicksearch.js" and "localconfig.js", and two documentation files, "quicksearch.html" and "quicksearchhack.html"

The index.html page has been updated to include the QuickSearch text box.

To take full advantage of the query power, the Bugzilla maintainer must edit "localconfig.js" according to the value sets used in the local installation.

Currently, keywords must be hard-coded in localconfig.js. If they are not, keywords are not automatically recognized. This means, if localconfig.js is left unconfigured, that searching for a bug with the "foo" keyword will only find bugs with "foo" in the summary, status whiteboard, product or component name, but not those with the keyword "foo".

Workarounds for Bugzilla users:

search for '!foo' (this will find only bugs with the keyword "foo"
search 'foo,!foo' (equivalent to 'foo OR keyword:foo')

When this tool is ported from client-side JavaScript to server-side Perl, the requirement for hard-coding keywords can be fixed. This bug has details.