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Question: New File System

Forum: Filesystems
Keywords: linux file system file_write memcpy fragment
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 05:15:59 GMT
From: Vamsi Krishna <>

        I am implementing a new file system, in Linux. I have
borrowed lot of code from Minix for this purpose. I had a
problem while implementing the function for file_write. I had
to modify this function a lot for supporting fragments. I 
tried to use all these functions ( memcpy_tofs, memcpy_fromfs,
memcpy, bcopy, memmove) to copy the contents of the last
block into one or fragments. When I used memcpy_tofs or
memcpy_fromfs, I got segmentation faults. And when I used
the other functions, it only used to copy the first fragment
properly and not the remaining ones. Could anyone please help
me in this regard. 

Thank you Vamsi