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Question: libext2fs documentation

Forum: Filesystems
Keywords: libext2fs filesystem
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 18:07:22 GMT
From: James Beckett <>

After a repartition and (win95) reformat I find I didn't save away all the data I wanted from an ext2 fs, so I've spent a morning grovelling through the source and figuring out the structure. (I think I can get the data back, only the first block group got overwritten by format)

Now I find that libext2fs exists.. is there any documentation on how to use it, and how much does it depend on the filesystem being intact? Can it be told to use a backup superblock? I discovered that mount(8) can be given an option to do so, but the utilities (e2fsck, debugfs etc) don't seem to, so is it some limitation of libext2fs?


1. None: libext2fs documentation by Theodore Ts'o