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Re: Question DVD-ROM and Linux? (sorry if it's off topic...) (Joel Hardy)
Keywords: DVD DVD-ROM MPEG ISO9660
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 09:30:24 GMT
From: Mike Corrieri <>


To the best of my understanding we could IF we could get the encryption software. But it could not be under the GPL. It would have to be a 4sale application for Linux.

DVD movie roms have a special copy encryption, that is specific to an area the DVD is sold in. Pretty scary, heh?

So, if you bought your unit in Europe, it would not work in the usa.

Anyways, if we could get the encryption software, under development OEM license, it would conflict with the GPL. We would not be able to make the code public.

I would like to see an answer to this myself, having to continue running Win 95 ONLY FOR DVD MOVIES!