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Re: Question Problem creating a new system call
Re: Idea Creating a new sytem call: solution (C.H.Gopinath)
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 13:22:06 GMT
From: <>

    First of all, I think that the segmentation fault you are getting 
must be because of your system call code. You may want 
to check it for any offending pointers. 
    There are debuggers for the Linux kernel. They are as
(1) xkgdb :- this is the debugger that allows you to debug the
kernel by putting the break points. It was developed by 
John Heidemann <>. It was later revised by
Keith Owens <>. The latest version of
xkgdb is available for kernel 2.1.55 which is an experimental
kernel (risk of crashing). If you want you can obtain it from

(2) kitrace :- This debugger traces the system calls. It is 
very useful. It was developed by Geoff <>
You can obtain it from :
This debugger will run smoothly on your Red Hat 4.2; kernel
2.0.30 kernel.

Hope this info becomes useful. good luck saurabh desai <>