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Re: Question a kernel-hacking newbie (Bradley Lawrence)
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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 09:03:11 GMT
From: Ian Carr-de Avelon <>

I don't know this modem but as an ISP I deal with lots of others.
99.9% of modems deal with the Hayes commands internally. A typical attack on this would look like:
Fire up computer in an OS for which you have all the support software. In this case 95.
Link to the modem with a terminal program eg Hyperterm
See how it says:
Note all the settings.

Now we need to get that is Linux.
Move to linux with Linloader. Connect to the modem with a Linux terminal software eg kermit. Take as an example a modem which was com2 under Win95

set line /dev/ttyS1
set speed 115200 (assuming new hardware here)

Now try the ATZ again. If it does not work I suggest you either give up and swap the modem, or try to get a contract to write the driver. It will be a big job.
If it does work you can start reading the HOWTOs about PPP get mgetty for remote login etc.
You can try going directly to Linux with LILO. If that does not work, but after Win95 start did work, the driver does some kind of PnP initialisation and you had better keep Win95