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Note: Mirror packages are available, but that's not really enough

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Re: Need easy way to download whole KHG
Keywords: administrivia
Date: Sat, 18 May 1996 15:41:36 GMT
From: Michael K. Johnson <>

I also have a slow dialup link; I use a 14.4 modem and I'm currently about 20 network hops away from the home site. So I understand how annoying it can be.

Nevertheless, I'm not going to offer a tar file of the KHG at this time. The primary reason for going to a web-based presentation was to make it interactive, and pushing it off-line would make it less interactive.

For now, you can use web mirroring packages to create your own local mirror and read from there. Several such packages are available, and since I don't use any of them, I don't have details like names: can someone else who knows please post details?

For the future, it would be nice if someone is interested enough in mirroring to write scripts for the KHG that allow you to read it off-line, but also allow you to respond. However, I will only give my imprimatur to a system which:

  • Mirrors everything, including responses. The responses are just as much a part of the new KHG as the bodies of the articles.
  • Provides a reasonable method of posting responses from the off-line state; preferably it will queue them up, and the process of "mirroring" the KHG will involve two steps:
    1. Post any queued responses back to the original site
    2. Mirror the whole thing again.
    They need to happen in that order, obviously.

If anyone is interested in working on such a system, they are welcome to. I won't be working on it; I have too many other things on my plate and I wouldn't use it, so I'd be a lousy choice for building it. The person who writes the system really ought to be someone who will use it...

I would include a pointer to those scripts from within the KHG if anyone wrote them to my satisfaction.


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