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Re: Need easy way to download whole KHG
Re: Note Mirror packages are available, but that's not really enough (Michael K. Johnson)
Re: Mirror whole KHG package, off line reading and Post to this site (Kim In-Sung)
Keywords: administrivia
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 00:49:48 GMT
From: Richard Braakman <>

First, the package is no longer in incoming. I found it in (Not hard to find, but I thought I'd save people the trouble) Second, it's a good idea to put ~johnsonm/index.html among the URLs to avoid. It contains further links to scanned books, and getwww will happily suck down 2 MB of prose :-) I haven't tried the "upgrade" flag yet.


1. Note: Anyone willing to put the whole lot up for FTP by Richard Braakman
-> Agree: Probably... by Michael K. Johnson