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Idea: an iterator query might not be hard...

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Re: Need easy way to download whole KHG
Keywords: server administrivia
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 23:14:34 GMT
From: Mark Eichin <>

Something I implemented in kittenweb (still just something I'm playing
with, not widely published yet) was a "report" query that let you grab
the tree at some point and have the server hand you everything below
it. It also did some useful massaging of links (expecting that it
would be in print form.) Kittenweb is inspired by wikiwikiweb, and is also written in perl. 

If the sources to the server used here are available, I'd take a look
and see how hard it would be to add...

                                _Mark_ <>


1. Agree: Might be harder here... by Michael K. Johnson