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Question: Well, What's the status of the Windows / Dos driver for Ext2?

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Re: Idea giveing compatiblity to win95 for ext2 partitions (for programmers forced to deal with both) (pharos)
Keywords: win95 ext2 driver
Date: Thu, 14 May 1998 16:57:15 GMT
From: Brock Lynn <>

Just wondering what the status is. I can't seem to get to the address: Looking to see if there has been an update, but can't get there.

Though a few months ago I had someone on go there and send me the proggie via email. It didn't work so great, and every time I mounted an ext2, and then opened a few directories as win95 folders Win95 would go down in flames.

I tried the ext2tools and they work quite well, but very awkward.

Anyluck with the IFS, or mscdex ???

Microsoft is such a turd... Why not open up their standards so more people can develop for it. Is MS afraid that someone smarter than they are will come along and actually improve upon their standards??? (probably so :)

Well, what's the word?

Brock Lynn