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Re: Feedback German book on Linux Kernel Programming (Jochen Hein)
Keywords: German book in Linux Kernel Hacking
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 1996 11:05:31 GMT
From: Naoshad Eduljee <>

The English version of the german book on Linux Kernel Programming is published by Addison Wesley. Here is the text of the mail I recieved from Addison Wesley when I enquired about the book :

"LINUX Kernal Internals" is priced at $38.68 but will not be available until early June 1996.

Ordering information:

The Book Express will gladly ship your order to any international location. Orders can be prepaid by a valid credit card or a check drawn on a US bank. Orders are shipped to international locations via Air Printed Matter Registered with an estimated delivery time of eight business days from our warehouse in Indiana, USA. Charges for this service are $15.00 for the first book, $8.00 for each additional book on the order.

You may order by mail:   Addison-Wesley Book Express
                         One Jacob Way
                         Reading, MA  01867

by phone within the US:    1-800-824-7799
        outside the US:    1-617-944-7273 extension 2188

or by fax: 1-617-944-7273

When ordering by fax, please include the title or book number, quantity of each book, credit card number and expiration date, as well as the appropriate shipping address. Please do not send credit card information via the internet; use the fax number listed above for prompt service.

If you need further ordering assistance or title information, please let us know.



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