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More on usage of kernel threads.

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Re: Note Re: Kernel threads (Paul Gortmaker)
Keywords: kernel threads asynchronous faults
Date: Fri, 24 May 1996 05:33:03 GMT
From: David S. Miller <>

   As an another addendum the AP+ multicomputer port
(actually it is a part of the generic Sparc kernel sources)
uses kernel threads to solve the problem of servicing a
true fault from interrupt space.  The kernel thread is called
asyncd(), the AP+ multicomputer takes interrupts when one
cell on the machine does a dma access to another cell and the
page is not present or otherwise needs to be faulted in or
whatever.  The interrupt handler adds this fault to a queue
of faults to service and wakes up the async daemon which runs
with real time priority much like the other linux kernel
daemons.  Poof, solution to the classic interrupt context
limitation problem. ;-)

Later, David S. Miller ()