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Idea: Kernel Configuration and Makefile Structure

Forum: Tour of the Linux kernel source
Keywords: configuration makefile
Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 17:34:39 GMT
From: Steffen Moeller <>

I'm missing a description of the Makefile mechanism and the principle of the configuration. Or is this too trivial for a Hacker's Guide? I do not think so since
  • it's a nice introduction,
  • all hackers have to understand it and
  • it's a good place to put hyperlinks to the real stuff in this guide.
If there's some positive feedback I'd like to start on this myself, but I'd need some help - at least for the language.



1. More: Editing services available... by Michael K. Johnson
2. Feedback: Kernel configuration by Venkatesha Murthy G.