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Re: Idea Kernel Configuration and Makefile Structure (Steffen Moeller)
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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 12:30:00 GMT
From: Venkatesha Murthy G. <>

I really haven't *understood* kernel configutarion but i can tell you what i do when i want to add a config option. I first edit arch/i386/ and add a line that looks like

bool 'whatever explanation' CONFIG_WHATEVER default

this is supposed to mean that CONFIG_WHATEVER is a boolean taking values y or n. When you 'make config' you'll get something like

'whatever explanation (CONFIG_WHATEVER) [default]'

and you type in y or n. Now this automagically #defines CONFIG_WHATEVER in <linux/autoconf.h>. Code that is specefic to the configuration can now be enclosed in #ifdef CONFIG_WHATEVER ... #endif so it will be compiled in only when configured. If you want any more explanation than can be given on one line, you can have a set of 'comment ...." lines before the 'bool ....' line and that will be displayed for you during configuration.

I don't know if you'll find it useful but still .....

Venkatesha Murthy ()