Chapter 4. Installation and Hardware Configuration

Table of Contents
4.1. Creating an Installation Diskette
4.2. Booting Linux Installation Program
4.3. Partitioning Hard Drive(s)
4.4. Setting up Swap Space
4.5. Choosing Partitions to Format
4.6. Choosing Desired Packages to Install
4.7. Hardware Configuration
4.8. Booting with LILO
4.9. Downloading and Installing Red Hat Updates

This chapter will detail the procedures needed to install Red Hat 6.1 onto an Intel system; the procedures are similar whether you choose to install using either GUI- or text-based installation. Since much of this information is already well documented in the Red Hat User's Guide (provided as a paper manual in the "Official" boxed sets, included in the ``/doc'' directory on the CD, as well as available online at, I've skimmed over much of the details. However, there are a few things which I think are lacking in the Red Hat guide, and therefore I will attempt to cover those items in greater detail.