A.32. Automake

A.32.1. Contents

The Automake package contains the aclocal and automake programs

A.32.2. Description

A.32.2.1. aclocal

Automake includes a number of Autoconf macros which can be used in packages; some of them are actually required by Automake in certain situations. These macros must be defined in the aclocal.m4-file; otherwise they will not be seen by autoconf.

The aclocal program will automatically generate aclocal.m4 files based on the contents of configure.in. This provides a convenient way to get Automake-provided macros, without having to search around. Also, the aclocal mechanism is extensible for use by other packages.

A.32.2.2. automake

To create all the Makefile.in's for a package, run the automake program in the top level directory, with no arguments. automake will automatically find each appropriate Makefile.am (by scanning configure.in) and generate the corresponding Makefile.in.