A.36. Bin86

A.36.1. Contents

The Bin86 contains the as86, as86_encap, ld86, objdump86, nm86 and size86 programs.

A.36.2. Description

A.36.2.1. as86

as86 is an assembler for the 8086...80386 processors.

A.36.2.2. as86_encap

as86_encap is a shell script to call as86 and convert the created binary into a C file prog.v to be included in or linked with programs like boot block installers.

A.36.2.3. ld86

ld86 understands only the object files produced by the as86 assembler, it can link them into either an impure or a separate I&D executable.

A.36.2.4. objdump86

No description available.

A.36.2.5. nm86

No description available.

A.36.2.6. size86

No description available.