A.42. Modutils

A.42.1. Contents

The Modutils package contains the depmod, genksyms, insmod, insmod_ksymoops_clean, kerneld, kernelversion, ksyms, lsmod, modinfo, modprobe and rmmod programs.

A.42.2. Description

A.42.2.1. depmod

depmod handles dependency descriptions for loadable kernel modules.

A.42.2.2. genksyms

genksyms reads (on standard input) the output from gcc -E source.c and generates a file containing version information.

A.42.2.3. insmod

insmod installs a loadable module in the running kernel.

A.42.2.4. insmod_ksymoops_clean

insmod_ksymoops_clean deletes saved ksyms and modules not accessed in 2 days.

A.42.2.5. kerneld

kerneld performs kernel action in user space (such as on-demand loading of modules)

A.42.2.6. kernelversion

kernelversion reports the major version of the running kernel.

A.42.2.7. ksyms

ksyms displays exported kernel symbols.

A.42.2.8. lsmod

lsmod shows information about all loaded modules.

A.42.2.9. modinfo

modinfo examines an object file associated with a kernel module and displays any information that it can glean.

A.42.2.10. modprobe

Modprobe uses a Makefile-like dependency file, created by depmod, to automatically load the relevant module(s) from the set of modules available in predefined directory trees.

A.42.2.11. rmmod

rmmod unloads loadable modules from the running kernel.