A.51. Net-tools

A.51.1. Contents

The Net-tools package contains the arp, hostname, ifconfig, netstat, plipconfig rarp, route, and slattach programs.

A.51.2. Description

A.51.2.1. arp

arp is used to manipulate the kernel's ARP cache, usually to add or delete an entry, or to dump the ARP cache.

A.51.2.2. hostname

hostname, with its symlinks domainname, dnsdomainname, nisdomainname, ypdomainname, and nodename, is used to set or show the system's hostname (or other, depending on the symlink used).

A.51.2.3. ifconfig

The ifconfig command is the general command used to configure network interfaces.

A.51.2.4. netstat

netstat is a multi-purpose tool used to print the network connections, routing tables, interface statistics, masquerade connections, and multicast memberships.

A.51.2.5. plipconfig

plipconfig is used to fine-tune the PLIP device parameters, hopefully making it faster.

A.51.2.6. rarp

Akin to the arp program, the rarp program manipulates the system's RARP table.

A.51.2.7. route

route is the general utility which is used to manipulate the IP routing table.

A.51.2.8. slattach

slattach attaches a network interface to a serial line, i.e.. puts a normal terminal line into one of several "network" modes.