A.18. Textutils

A.18.1. Contents

The Textutils package contains the cat, cksum, comm, csplit, cut, expand, fmt, fold, head, join, md5sum, nl, od, paste, pr, ptx, sort, split, sum, tac, tail, tr, tsort, unexpand, uniq and wc programs.

A.18.2. Description

A.18.2.1. cat

cat concatenates file(s) or standard input to standard output.

A.18.2.2. cksum

cksum prints CRC checksum and byte counts of each specified file.

A.18.2.3. comm

comm compares two sorted files line by line.

A.18.2.4. csplit

csplit outputs pieces of a file separated by (a) pattern(s) to files xx01, xx02, ..., and outputs byte counts of each piece to standard output.

A.18.2.5. cut

cut prints selected parts of lines from specified files to standard output.

A.18.2.6. expand

expand converts tabs in files to spaces, writing to standard output.

A.18.2.7. fmt

fmt reformats each paragraph in the specified file(s), writing to standard output.

A.18.2.8. fold

fold wraps input lines in each specified file (standard input by default), writing to standard output.

A.18.2.9. head

Print first xx (10 by default) lines of each specified file to standard output.

A.18.2.10. join

join joins lines of two files on a common field.

A.18.2.11. md5sum

md5sum prints or checks MD5 checksums.

A.18.2.12. nl

nl writes each specified file to standard output, with line numbers added.

A.18.2.13. od

od writes an unambiguous representation, octal bytes by default, of a specified file to standard output.

A.18.2.14. paste

paste writes lines consisting of the sequentially corresponding lines from each specified file, separated by TABs, to standard output.

A.18.2.15. pr

pr paginates or columnates files for printing.

A.18.2.16. ptx

ptx produces a permuted index of file contents.

A.18.2.17. sort

sort writes sorted concatenation of files to standard output.

A.18.2.18. split

split outputs fixed-size pieces of an input file to PREFIXaa, PREFIXab, ...

A.18.2.19. sum

sum prints checksum and block counts for each specified file.

A.18.2.20. tac

tac writes each specified file to standard output, last line first.

A.18.2.21. tail

tail print the last xx (10 by default) lines of each specified file to standard output.

A.18.2.22. tr

tr translates, squeezes, and/or deletes characters from standard input, writing to standard output.

A.18.2.23. tsort

tsort writes totally ordered lists consistent with the partial ordering in specified files.

A.18.2.24. unexpand

unexpand converts spaces in each file to tabs, writing to standard output.

A.18.2.25. uniq

Uniq removes duplicate lines from a sorted file.

A.18.2.26. wc

wc prints line, word, and byte counts for each specified file, and a total line if more than one file is specified.