A.49. Util Linux

A.49.1. Contents

The Util-linux package contains the arch, dmesg, kill, more, mount, umount, agetty, blockdev, cfdisk, ctrlaltdel, elvtune, fdisk, fsck.minix, hwclock, kbdrate, losetup, mkfs, mkfs.bfs, mkfs.minix, mkswap, sfdisk, swapoff, swapon, cal, chkdupexe, col, colcrt, colrm, column, cytune, ddate, fdformat, getopt, hexdump, ipcrm, ipcs, logger, look, mcookie, namei, rename, renice, rev, script, setfdprm, setsid, setterm, ul, whereis, write, ramsize, rdev, readprofile, rootflags, swapdev, tunelp and vidmode programs.

A.49.2. Description

A.49.2.1. arch

arch prints the machine architecture.

A.49.2.2. dmesg

dmesg is used to examine or control the kernel ring buffer (boot messages from the kernel).

A.49.2.3. kill

kill sends a specified signal to the specified process.

A.49.2.4. more

more is a filter for paging through text one screen full at a time.

A.49.2.5. mount

mount mounts a filesystem from a device to a directory (mount point).

A.49.2.6. umount

umount unmounts a mounted filesystem.

A.49.2.7. agetty

agetty opens a tty port, prompts for a login name and invokes the /bin/login command.

A.49.2.8. blockdev

blockdev allows to call block device ioctls from the command line

A.49.2.9. cfdisk

cfdisk is an libncurses based disk partition table manipulator.

A.49.2.10. ctrlaltdel

ctrlaltdel sets the function of the CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination (hard or soft reset).

A.49.2.11. elvtune

elvtune allows to tune the I/O elevator per block device queue basis.

A.49.2.12. fdisk

fdisk is a disk partition table manipulator.

A.49.2.13. fsck.minix

fsck.minix performs a consistency check for the Linux MINIX filesystem.

A.49.2.14. hwclock

hwclock queries and sets the hardware clock (Also called the RTC or BIOS clock).

A.49.2.15. kbdrate

kbdrate resets the keyboard repeat rate and delay time.

A.49.2.16. losetup

losetup sets up and controls loop devices.

A.49.2.17. mkfs

mkfs builds a Linux filesystem on a device, usually a harddisk partition.

A.49.2.18. mkfs.bfs

mkfs.bfs creates a SCO bfs file system on a device, usually a harddisk partition.

A.49.2.19. mkfs.minix

mkfs.minix creates a Linux MINIX filesystem on a device, usually a harddisk partition.

A.49.2.20. mkswap

mkswap sets up a Linux swap area on a device or in a file.

A.49.2.21. sfdisk

sfdisk is a disk partition table manipulator.

A.49.2.22. swapoff

swapoff disables devices and files for paging and swapping.

A.49.2.23. swapon

swapon enables devices and files for paging and swapping.

A.49.2.24. cal

cal displays a simple calender.

A.49.2.25. chkdupexe

chkdupexe finds duplicate executables.

A.49.2.26. col

col filters reverse line feeds from input.

A.49.2.27. colcrt

colcrt filters nroff output for CRT previewing.

A.49.2.28. colrm

colrm removes columns from a file.

A.49.2.29. column

column columnates lists.

A.49.2.30. cytune

cytune queries and modifies the interruption threshold for the Cyclades driver.

A.49.2.31. ddate

ddate converts Gregorian dates to Discordian dates.

A.49.2.32. fdformat

fdformat low-level formats a floppy disk.

A.49.2.33. getopt

getops parses command options the same way as the getopt C command.

A.49.2.34. hexdump

hexdump displays specified files, or standard input, in a user specified format (ascii, decimal, hexadecimal, octal).

A.49.2.35. ipcrm

ipcrm removes a specified resource.

A.49.2.36. ipcs

ipcs provides information on IPC facilities.

A.49.2.37. logger

logger makes entries in the system log.

A.49.2.38. look

look displays lines beginning with a given string.

A.49.2.39. mcookie

mcookie generates magic cookies for xauth.

A.49.2.40. namei

namei follows a pathname until a terminal point is found.

A.49.2.41. rename

rename renames files.

A.49.2.42. renice

renice alters priority of running processes.

A.49.2.43. rev

rev reverses lines of a file.

A.49.2.44. script

script makes typescript of terminal session.

A.49.2.45. setfdprm

setfdprm sets user-provides floppy disk parameters.

A.49.2.46. setsid

setsid runs programs in a new session.

A.49.2.47. setterm

setterm sets terminal attributes.

A.49.2.48. ul

ul reads a file and translates occurrences of underscores to the sequence which indicates underlining for the terminal in use.

A.49.2.49. whereis

whereis locates a binary, source and manual page for a command.

A.49.2.50. write

write sends a message to another user.

A.49.2.51. ramsize

ramsize queries and sets RAM disk size.

A.49.2.52. rdev

rdev queries and sets image root device, swap device, RAM disk size, or video mode.

A.49.2.53. readprofile

readprofile reads kernel profiling information.

A.49.2.54. rootflags

rootflags queries and sets extra information used when mounting root.

A.49.2.55. swapdev

swapdev queries and sets swap device.

A.49.2.56. tunelp

tunelp sets various parameters for the LP device.

A.49.2.57. vidmode

vidmode queries and sets the video mode.