1. Foreword

Having used a number of different Linux distributions, I was never fully satisfied with any of them. I didn't like the way the bootscripts were arranged, I didn't like the way certain programs were configured by default, and more of those things. I came to realize that if I wanted to be fully satisfied with a Linux system, I would have to build my own system from scratch, ideally using only the source code. Not using pre-compiled packages of any kind. No help from some sort of CD-ROM or bootdisk that would install some basic utilities. I would use my current Linux system and use that one to build my own.

This, at one time, wild idea seemed very difficult and at times almost impossible. After sorting out all kinds of dependency problems, compile problems, etcetera, a custom-built Linux system was created and fully operational. I called this system an LFS system, which stands for Linux From Scratch.

I hope all of you will have a great time working on LFS!

Gerard Beekmans