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Boolean Capabilities

5i                Printer will not echo on screen

am Automatic margins which means automatic line wrap
bs Control-H (8 dec.) performs a backspace
bw Backspace on left margin wraps to previous line and right margin
da Display retained above screen
db Display retained below screen
eo A space erases all characters at cursor position
es Escape sequences and special characters work in status line
gn Generic device
hc This is a hardcopy terminal
HC The cursor is hard to see when not on bottom line
hs Has a status line
hz Hazel tine bug, the terminal can not print tilde characters
in Terminal inserts nulls, not spaces, to fill whitespace
km Terminal has a meta key
mi Cursor movement works in insert mode
ms Cursor movement works in standout/underline mode
NP No pad character
NR ti does not reverse te
nx No padding, must use XON/XOFF
os Terminal can overstrike
ul Terminal underlines although it can not overstrike
xb Beehive glitch, f1 sends ESCAPE, f2 sends ^C
xn Newline/wraparound glitch
xo Terminal uses xon/xoff protocol
xs Text typed over standout text will be displayed in standout
xt Teleray glitch, destructive tabs and odd standout mode

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