Chapter 12. ImportantNetwork Features

Table of Contents
12.1. The inetd Super Server
12.2. The tcpd Access Control Facility
12.3. The Services and Protocols Files
12.4. Remote Procedure Call
12.5. Configuring Remote Loginand Execution
12.5.1. Disabling the r; Commands
12.5.2. Installing and Configuring ssh

After successfully setting up IP and the resolver, you then must look at the services you want to provide over the network. This chapter covers the configuration of a few simple network applications, including the inetd server and the programs from the rlogin family. We'll also deal briefly with the Remote Procedure Call interface, upon which services like the Network File System (NFS) and the Network Information System (NIS) are based. The configuration of NFS and NIS, however, is more complex and are described in separate chapters, as are electronic mail and network news.

Of course, we can't cover all network applications in this book. If you want to install one that's not discussed here, like talk, gopher, or http, please refer to the manual pages of the server for details.