Chapter 2. Issues of TCP/IP Networking

Table of Contents
2.1. Networking Interfaces
2.2. IP Addresses
2.3. Address Resolution
2.4. IP Routing
2.4.1. IP Networks
2.4.2. Subnetworks
2.4.3. Gateways
2.4.4. The Routing Table
2.4.5. Metric Values
2.5. The Internet Control Message Protocol
2.6. Resolving Host Names

In this chapter we turn to the configuration decisions you'll need to make when connecting your Linux machine to a TCP/IP network, including dealing with IP addresses, hostnames, and routing issues. This chapter gives you the background you need in order to understand what your setup requires, while the next chapters cover the tools you will use.

To learn more about TCP/IP and the reasons behind it, refer to the three-volume set Internetworking with TCP/IP, by Douglas R. Comer (Prentice Hall). For a more detailed guide to managing a TCP/IP network, see TCP/IP Network Administration by Craig Hunt (O'Reilly).