Chapter 30. Optional component to install with Apache

Table of Contents
30.1. Linux Webalizer
30.2. Compile
30.3. Configure the /etc/webalizer.conf file
30.4. Make Apache aware of Webalizer output directory
30.5. Run Webalizer automatically with a cron job
30.6. Linux FAQ-O-Matic
30.7. Compile and install FAQ-O-Matic
30.8. Make Apache aware Faq-O-Matic file's location
30.9. Configure your FAQ-O-Matic
30.10. Installed files
30.11. Linux Webmail IMP
30.12. Set up PHPLib
30.13. Compile to install Webmail IMP
30.14. Configure and create Webmail IMP SQL database
30.15. Configure your php.ini from PHP4
30.16. Configure Webmail IMP via your web browser

In this chapter, Three-useful external programs that you may install on your Linux server are explained. These programs have been made for use with the Apache Web Server, and are useful only if you intend to use Apache in your organization. If this is not the case, you can skip this chapter and continue through the rest of this book. To begin, we'll talk about:

  1. Webalizer, which is a web server log file analysis program.

  2. Then we'll discuss FAQ-O-Matic, which can be used when you want a FAQ list, bug-tracing database, documentation and much more on your server.

  3. Finally, we'll talk about a very sophisticated and interesting program called Webmail, which allows you to offer free mail accounts to your clients, or access and read your mail, in a secure manner.