Linux Palm Developer's Quick Start Guide

Jim Weller

Wed Feb 21 04:33:07 AKST 2001
The current version is at

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Setup and install
  4. Hello world program
  5. Screen shots
  6. References

1. Introduction

This guide is intended to help those new to palm programming get started developing using linux, PRC Tools, GNU tools, and the PalmOS© SDK. It assumes a fair knowledge of linux and GNU tools and a user level understanding of the PalmOS. There are development tools for Windows, but whaateverrr. If you find this at all useful please drop me a 5+ word email, for gloating statistics.

These are my notes from the night when I learned these tools. It will take you from clueless to empowered (able to compile a HelloWorld program). I couldn't find a working equivalent. So, I hope this information will be helpful, but it is provided with no warranty or gaurantee. If you break anything you get to keep both pieces.

2. Requirements

You'll need to download the PRC tools, the palm emulator, the PalmOS © SDK, and some GNU development tools ( see downloads ). I downloaded to ~/palm/archive (YMMV).

PalmOS © SDK

Get sdk,examples, and docs (hidden behind cgi that makes you read license agreement)
  • sdk35-docs.tar.gz