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Re: Oracle 8i-OUIProcess error

I had found this problem just new Redhat release.
So I try to install again with Redhat 5.0, it's ok.
When I use Redhat 6.0+, it's error again. I found
that glibc is new version and it cause problem with
oracle. So I read oracle document again and install
carefully by change some option. Now it's ok.

I think that you should find update version of oracle
or glibc. It can help you.

--- Dennis Jorgenson <dennisjo@pacbell.net> wrote:
> Just as you mentioned, I'm a 6.1 (RH/Mandrake)
> trying to install w/ the most current glibc....
> I get the error can't create OUIProcess, argument
> list too long.
> Haven't had any success....
> I know with the d-load version of Oracle 8.0.5 I had
> to relink all the executables using a patch from
> Oracle that modified all the makefiles to use the
> old glibc5. I want/need 8i... but, I'm really
> stumped on this one. Do you have any
> recommendations?


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