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syntax highlighting, SGML, xemacs, and psgml 1.2.1

I've been working on this a while, and while I can write documents
without syntax highlighing using pico, I've found that syntax
highlighting makes reading and writing markup and code MUCH easier and
faster.  Since I want to be able to read over and do copy editing on the
HOWTO's and other documents once we decide on exactly how that will
work, I'd like to have this available.  Right now, I've installed the
latest stable versions of xemacs and psgml from source, and can load
SGML mode just find.  I've pointed the sgml-catalog-files variable to
/etc/sgml/catalog, which is a listing of other catalog files.  The files
that I'm using for my tests are sgml versions of the HOWTOs, installed
from RPM, and the "examples.zip" file from www.DocBook.org.  I've
checked the catalog files, and I do have declarations for the DocBook
DTD, but I'm not sure how the LinuxDoc DTD declaration should look. 
Specifically what I'd like to know is 1) What should the declaration for
the LinuxDoc DTD look like in the catalog file?  2) How can I test to
see if xemacs is finding the catalog files, and reading the proper DTD? 
I have a couple of other questions, but making anything work hinges on
these two questions.  Thanks for ANY help,

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