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LDP CVS Repository almost here

Hello All......

I just wanted to drop a line to everyone and let them know where the LDP
CVS Repository stands.

I haven't had an opportunity to do too much this week as my *real* job is
getting the majority of my time trying to wrap some things up before the
end of the year, but I am still working on things.

Updates and additions have been going smoothly, so it looks like things
are in order.

I'm continuing my work on the "Builder" script to get things processed and
published automagically(tm).  It's basically a complete re-write of the
current script(s), so it is taking some time.

I would like to gather up a list of folks who would like to begin testing
the LDP CVS Repository.  This is strictly for Beta testing and no
automatic processing or publishing will take place at this time.

I'm finishing up converting the instructions/manual/HOWTO on what is
required and will have it available soon.

In the interim I would also like a list of folks who are interested in
using the LDP CVS Repository (aside from Beta Testing).

Thanks for your patience......


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