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Re: Let the war begin


O.k. I am going to assume you are viewing in Netscape or Lynx both of
which do not support style sheets correctly so you will not see the color.
I was consiering leaving the LDP logo but it didn't go with the overall

I will put the old logo back until either I or someone else presents a new

Logo Contest anyone?


<COMMANDPROMPT> Development in Real Time
     <PROJECT>   LinuxPorts       - http://www.linuxports.com     </PROJECT>
     <WEBMASTER> LDP              - http://www.linuxdoc.org        </WEBMASTER>
<AUTHOR>Consultants - VAR - Commercial - Networking - WWW/Intranet</AUTHOR>
On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Matt Welsh wrote:

> This is fine, but let's make the front page look as nice as the original, 
> at least, so it doesn't look like the LDP is taking a big step back in its
> design and scope. Retaining the logo would be a first step.

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