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New web site

        Good first impressions - even happier that something is moving on
this issue :-)

        I do have some useful comments though:

        1) Good that the page is browser independent and works in lynx - I
often use lynx to view the LDP.
        2) Under the mirrors section on the main page you say "the date on
this page is not within.." but it is unclear which date on this page you
        3) It would be more convenient to split up the old docs list page
and put the list for Guides, HOWTOs, man pages etc on separate pages.
        4) A how to get involved or current LDP projects page would be
good to entice in volunteers.
        5) The search is broken. Put in "3Dfx" and it does not even return
the 3Dfx HOWTO :-(
        6) Sections for the LDP translations would be nice too. Something
like "http://www.linuxdoc.org/es/" for spanish etc.  Then everything else
could reside under "http://www.linuxdoc.org/en/" and the main page could
point to the english index page. For foreign mirrors this may be a useful
and positive system as both foreign speakers and native speakers may be
presnt in a ny given land and do not want to use a mirror (eg a Spanish
speaker in the US does not want to use the spanish mirror site and an
English speaker in Spain does not want to use the US mirror).

        I hope these help,


        Paul S Jenner
        GNU/Linux Advocate

        E-mail: psj@mustec.eu.org
        WWW:    http://www.mustec.eu.org/~psj/


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