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Re: translation issue for web site

In article <Pine.LNX.4.04.9909101956271.12179-100000@oleta.mustec.eu.org>
psj@mustec.eu.org writes:

>    My argument is that all translations should also be mirrored in
> each country so that non-native speakers or others who for some reason use
> the mirror should have full access.  My suggestion was that:
>    http://www.XX.linuxdoc.org/YY/
>    should be a mirror of translation YY in all countries XX.
>    Comments?

I'm sorry if I've been misunderstanding, but
www.XX.linuxdoc.org are not the "mirror sites" of
www.linuxdoc.org, but the aliases for currently
existing pages of local documentation projects?

Making YY/s at www.linuxdoc.org is a good thing, 
I think. as well as mirroring them.

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