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Re: If you are interested

>>>>> "P" == Poet  <poet@linuxports.com> writes:

    P> I have updated the seach engine. If you search for things like
    P> ip-chains it actually comes up now ;)

Interesting --- in my experience, a thesaurus is a very dangerous thing,
and ending completions for technical docs is very nearly the same.

Since I am one of those stuck with the ESS Solo1 sound on my laptop,
it interests me; I don't know if you have the solo1.txt from the
Kernel docs in the collection, but you do have the ALSA and OSS docs:
The simple search "solo" goes astray immediately (someone has to
explain the 6x86l to me ;)

Search results for '(solo or soloed or soloing or solos or sale or 6x86l)'

Linux Italian-HOWTO: National Language Support (NLS)  
Linux Italian-HOWTO: Documentazione  
Spanish Linux HOWTO: Españolización de Linux 
Software-RAID HOWTO: High Availability RAID 
Linux Italian-HOWTO: La tastiera  
Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO: Video cards 
Linux Italian-HOWTO: TeX  
Linux Italian-HOWTO: Linux in Italia  
Linux Italian-HOWTO: Altre localizzazioni  
Spanish Linux HOWTO: Ayuda a la instalación de la distribución Slackware 

Searching for solo1 is a little better: The RAID page is tops, and the ALSA
mini-HOWTO is number two, but it goes immediately into Italian afterward
looking for "sale".  What if the actual term was ESSSolo, would that rate
higher or lower than "sale"?

Ok, it was a general search, but does it really make sense to to
international searching without asking?  Wouldn't it make more sense
to do a depth-first search? (ie most likely to least likely down one
particular mirror tree, then start again down the next &c) Shouldn't
we be constraining the search language? (or select among languages)

As much as I dislike Excite, one feature it has which I much prefer to
rows of penguins is the "more like this" search (after all, it would
make sense that the highest number of penguins should come before the
least, so the icons are redundant).  While our own intranet will
invariably produce no positive hits on page one (even with our modest
collection of RPM docs and various manuals) there is usually one
in the same context within the top 10 and the second search will
contain the needed document.

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