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Re: Volunteering


> Hello--I would like to volunteer. My background is not in coding but in
> protein chemistry; perhaps I could do some technical writing of one sort
> or another? Or less glamorous tasks--no problem.  My ultimate goal would
> be to assist the transfer of old computers with the Linux operating
> system on them to developing, poor nations at little or no cost.
> Perhaps I could--if there is interest--begin to set up portions of the
> project; I am sure others are way ahead of me, actually.  Could I be put
> in touch with any people involved in such an effort?  I have injured my
> back and receive a small income, so temporarily I would be grateful to
> contribute in any way possible for free.
We are currently in the midst of some re-structuring and putting together
a QC (Quality Control) Team.  Perhaps you would find this of interest.

There is an email list that has been created and I would suggest that you
join it.

     * Want to help out? Subscribe to ldp-discuss@lists.linuxdoc.org. All
       you have to do is send an email to
       ldp-discuss-request@www.linuxdoc.org with the word Subscribe in the
       body of the message.

I will cc the list, but please subscribe if you are interested.

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