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Re: Kernel Hackers Guide

On Sep 10,  8:19pm, Tim wrote:
> Subject: Re: Kernel Hackers Guide
> Poet,
> check out:
> ftp://wallybox.cei.net/pub/Linux/khg.tar.gz
> This was something I picked up some time ago awaiting the final release.
> I think this may have even been "published", or at least was its initial
> intent.

The version Tim points to is now available at:


For reference purposes, I kept in the threaded discussion entries
and the ability to view and navigate through them. However, the HyperNews
functionality to edit or reply has been removed. This is essentially
a static/archived snapshot of the KHG.

A link to this Guide (and its accompanying gzip'ed download file) has
been added back into:



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