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Re: If you are interested

>>>>> "P" == P Jenner <psj@mustec.eu.org> writes:

    P> On 12 Sep 1999, Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:
    >> ...  My personal view is the observation that where open
    >> source scratches an itch, it will be superior software, but
    >> that it doesn't follow that any open source program is better
    >> for a purpose than commercial software.

    P> Again I believe that the LDP has a duty to use only Free
    P> Software.  If it does not then it loses something of its
    P> standing as a champion of that cause.

This does make some political sense, but can also create extra work
for a volunteer org.  I recommend we do a very careful evaluation of
any new products to ensure our solution is just as effective as any
non-free solution.

My main business is in introducing and interpreting open source
systems for commercial clients, and I am quite convinced the enormous
growth over 1999 is not from people like us who are forgiving of
awkward interfaces and missing pieces, or those who know or care what
a regexp is.

The new Linux users are Windows NT refugees, and while they are not
enthusiastic about their old platform, they are enthusiastic about
its peer support sites such as the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

I liken the current state of Linux to the discovery of the New World.

>From 1610 to even 1850, a pioneer did not expect any support.
Everything they used was build by their own hands or those of close
friends.  I put Linus and Alan Cox and other core people in this camp.

Next came the ranchers from 1850 to 1930.  These were people drawn by
the stories of the pioneers and who, while they could fix their own
well pumps, cabins and fences, they travelled in carts on roads and
depended on the trade routes, tools, and natural resources discovered
and developed by the pioneers.  They are still very resourceful and
accustomed to extra work just to enjoy their freedom, but they were
not as willing to risk everything as were the pioneers; I expect
everyone here is in that camp.  

Finally, in came the covered wagons ;) They want flush toilets, stable
electricity, pony express postal service, telegraph service, hot water
for baths, tailored clothes, education, imported beer :) ... this is
who is coming in to Linux now, and (thanks to book writers such as
myself) they are all being told the LDP is the number one resource.

As the "front door" of Linux, we need to demonstrate that our O/S is
ready for serious consideration in enterprise computing.  IMHO, the
LDP has the most critical, most difficult, most expensive, and the
scariest job of all the orgs in Y2K ;)

Say ... isn't google open source?

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"You don't play what you know; you play what you hear." -- (Miles Davis)

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