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Re: LDP bug-tracker

>>>>> "I" == Ismael Olea <olea@tsai.es> writes:

    I> Gary Lawrence Murphy escribió:

    >> I'm interested in any others if there are open source problem
    >> trackers, and especially any based on Postgres (bugzilla is
    >> tied to the non-OS MySQL)

    I> There is a GPL version of MySQL.

Not according to the MySQL website --- only old and obsolete versions
are under GPL

>From http://www.tcx.se/Manual_chapter/manual_Licensing_and_Support.html

    3.2.1 Possible future copyright changes

    We may choose to distribute older versions of MySQL with the GPL in
    the future. However, these versions will be identified as GNU
    MySQL. Also, all copyright notices in the relevant files will be
    changed to the GPL.

As it stands right now, only MySQL_GPL 3.20.32a is available, which
means it is up to the community to reverse engineer all the bug fixes
employed since then, and tcx is not going to provide any tech support;
their resources are going only into their commercial release --- at
least Netscape is employing full-time resources to manage and develop

Although it technically is GPL, this is not what I would call GPL ---
someday, if the community takes 3.20.32a, figures out how to fix it
and works it into something superior to or at least comparable to the
mainstream release, but for right now, they are basically giving us
their garbage so they won't be responsible to provide support for code
to their paying customers.  If you ask me, the whole deal smells kind
of funny.

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