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Re: Translations (to English?)

Guylhem wrote"
>Interesting idea, I think each local LDP has at least 1 unique HOWTO
>(for ex., french LDP has a MODEM-HOWTO since 96, it is better than
>LDP MODEM-HOWTO which was written very recently)

As the author of Modem-HOWTO, I've been aware of (and have a copy of) the 
French howto.  While it may be better written (I can't read it) it is 
obsolete since it doesn't cover the current issues of Winmodems, 
Plug-and-Play, and PCI.  It also is broader than my howto and covers all 
types of modems, but we have mini-howtos on DSL and Cable modems in English.
Someone did start to translate and/or merge the howtos but it never 
worked out (I was too busy to learn French, etc.)

Thus I would assign a low priority to translating it to English or even 
working on merging it.  While it's not a good example to use for 
documents that need translating to English today, I'll agree that it should 
have been translated 3 years ago.
                David Lawyer

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