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Re: Are we good enough ?


although i usually am more of a read-only participant of mailing lists, i
now and then decide to give my modest contribution.  here are some scattered
suggestions/comments about the ldp.

in the ldp web pages i saw some dates in the fully-numeric format MM/DD/YY.
because in different places in the world different date styles are used
(the US uses MM/DD/YY, while europe uses DD/MM/YY, or even YY/MM/DD sometimes)
i think it is desirable to use the unambigous textual format "17 Sep 1999"
not only in the web pages, but especially in the docs.  i don't know if this
is a big issue (i haven't looked at it very thoroughly and don't know how
frequently NN/NN/NN dates are seen in the docs) but still, i thought i should
call your attention to the problem -- that is, if it exists :-).  these matters
with the dates can sometimes cause some confusion.

in the recent comments and discussions about the domains www.XX.linuxdoc.org/YY
for local ldp mirrors, as i understand it, the XX refers to the geographical
location of the mirror while the YY refers to a particular language of the ldp
docs.  i don't know if YY implies that a two letter code will describe the
given language.  i want to call your attention for the fact that some languages
have geographical variants (for example, portuguese has several variants like
the european and the brazilian variants) and are better referenced by the also
often used four letter code (in the previous example, pt_BR for the portuguese
brazilian variant, and pt_PT for the portuguese european variant).

finally, some questions about the ldp license, which is being discussed these
past couple of days.  i don't find it very clear on the point where it refers to
the translations of the ldp docs (or manuals, as they are called on the license).
it says that permission from the authors is required for distribution of
translations of the manuals, although such permission is not required for the
distribution of the originals.  does the availability of the translated docs
on the web require such permission (i mean, is web-publishing considered as
distribution)?  what about the translation itself?  is it necessary for someone
that decides to translate a ldp doc, to ask for permission to the author before
beginning with the translation?  why this difference between the freedom of
distribution of translations in comparison to the distribuiton of the original

sorry for the length of the message.


Alfredo Palace Carvalho at work:   <ajpalace at fc.up.pt>
                        at LDP-pt: <ajpc at poli.org>

POLI - Projecto Português de Documentação do Linux

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