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Re: Translations (to English?)

David Lawyer wrote:
> but we have mini-howtos on DSL and Cable modems in English.

Guyhlem wrote:
>Could you include them in the mini HOWTO ?
I think you mean merge the HOWTOs re modems.  I don't think merger is a 
good idea in this case.  Having them separate splits up the work.  
Smaller howtos also download faster and put less of a load on the net.
Even where there is considerable overlap, it's often better not to merge.

For example, both Text-Terminal-HOWTO and Modem-HOWTO have info on the 
serial port.  But the emphasis is different since terminals may need to 
configure parity while modems don't, etc.  Thus it's easier for the 
reader to have 2 different documents with different emphasis on the 
common topics.
                        David Lawyer

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